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1、 Demand analysis

Power plant is a special production enterprise with high degree of automation. The automatic production equipment depends on the safe and stable operation of power supply system. In the modern power plant, the DCS control system of the generator set includes various thermal automatic devices, such as assembly instrument for automatic regulation, turbine electro-hydraulic digital regulation device, boiler interlocking and safety monitoring system FSSS, turbine monitoring instrument (TSI), coordinated control system (CCS), lubricating oil pump system, hydrogen seal oil and power system, main thermal power and accident lighting The power supply system needs a reliable power supply, which requires that the power supply should not be interrupted no matter when the auxiliary power of the unit itself is interrupted or when the power grid fails. This requires that the power supply system not only has an accident security power supply that can make the unit shut down safely, but also has a high power supply quality for the control, monitoring device and the state parameter recording device after the accident, and does not need to be replaced Uninterruptible AC power supply.

The power plant has a set of highly reliable DC operation power supply, so it is necessary to configure a set of inverter system which has high reliability and can work together with it. Through reasonable design, it can provide high quality AC power supply.

2、 Basic configuration scheme

SP series UPS for electric power is an advanced and ideal on-line sine wave industrial AC uninterruptible power supply specially designed for electric power department. By using high frequency carrier technology and IGBT power devices, it can accurately control various operating parameters of ups and provide high-quality and reliable AC power supply for power plants.

SP series power special UPS adopts the most advanced phase balance technology at present, which has good stability and can work normally even in the case of phase loss.

SP series special UPS for electric power uses full bridge inverter frame and built-in isolation transformer, which has strong anti shock ability and adapts to the harsh grid environment inside the power plant.

3、 Optional accessories

1. ATS dual power cabinet (or built-in ATS): ensure UPS flexible switching between utility 1 and utility 2 (or generator), reduce DC panel (or battery) discharge times and time, and ensure safe operation of equipment.

2. Bypass voltage regulator: ensure that the bypass output voltage is stable in the normal range.

3. UPS monitoring: SNMP can be selected for remote monitoring through the Internet; 485 modenbus can also be selected for direct display and control on DCS; the simplest is to directly transmit the sound and light alarm signal to the monitoring station through the dry contact interface.

4. GSM Alarm: through GSM, the working status and alarm information are transmitted to the mobile phone of the personnel on duty through SMS and voice.

4、 Advantages of the scheme

1. The professional UPS customized for the power industry not only meets the load demand of the power industry, but also allows users to no longer worry about the three-phase imbalance of the load.

2. The most advanced phase balance technology, good stability, even in the absence of phase can still work normally, especially suitable for many places where the power environment is relatively bad work.

3. The standard isolation transformer ensures the complete isolation of load and public power grid. The output zero to ground voltage is less than 1V.

4. The wide input voltage range allows the battery to work normally in the face of large changes in input voltage, reducing battery discharge.

5. The special static switch design has the real zero interruption operation, because the output has the isolation transformer, which can realize the current isolation. The static switch circuit designed on this basis ensures that the output voltage has no interruption time under any state transition, which is the real zero interruption and protects the normal and safe work of the user load.

6. Rich monitoring methods can be incorporated into the power plant's own DCS monitoring system, and can also be monitored remotely through the Internet; if there is a problem, it should be reported in time, so as to facilitate the on duty personnel to monitor the ups in real time.