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·Application fields:

Communication system;

■ server system;

Office automation system;

■ computer room network, server equipment, etc.

·Features of the scheme:

High cost performance: complete technology, high utilization rate of the whole machine, small investment can complete the design requirements;

Strong availability: UPS system is simple in composition and can be applied to all protective load equipment according to power supply type;

High utilization rate: the power supply load is quantitative, and it is not necessary to consider the later expansion of the system, and it is not necessary to use the parallel UPS.

·Single machine operation scheme:

With the development of UPS core technology, the performance of the whole machine is becoming more and more perfect. According to the load type (capacitive load, resistive load, inductive load) and actual load power, users can choose the ups single machine operation with matching type and reasonable capacity.

The stand-alone system consists of UPS host, backup battery pack + battery DC circuit breaker, relevant input and output power distribution system, maintenance power distribution, emergency power distribution, etc.

·Single machine operation scheme diagram:

Power supply scheme diagram:

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