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Sankph UPS uninterrupted power supply sc3k 3000va standard machine 2400W Online

Ups power online series

[brand] sankph

[model] sankph sc3k 3KVA / 2400W UPS online built-in battery, which can load 12 computers

[power] 3000va / 2400W host size: 450 * 192 * 330mm

[input voltage range]: 120v-275v

[warranty] UPS power supply, three years free warranty

Product functions and features:

1. Real realization of online dual conversion

2. Wide power input range (190v-520v)

3. With EPO switch

4. Compatible with generator power supply

5. Maintenance switch (optional)

6. SNMP + USB + RS-232 multiple monitoring interface


1. Miniaturization, low noise, the use of advanced control technology and manufacturing process, greatly enhance the power density of products, reduce the product area

2. High reliability, advanced DSP digital control technology, better performance, more stable quality, strong load and overload capacity, good compatibility

3. Adapt to all kinds of power grid ring, output power factor 0.8, adapt to the development trend of load, realize stronger carrying capacity, the whole machine efficiency is up to 90%, reduce the power consumption of UPS, save the cost of customers.

4. Flexible configuration, variable on demand, rich expansion function, meet the high requirements of customers, can realize the expansion and parallel redundancy function, provide users with safe and reliable power supply flexibility and protection

5. Rich communication and monitoring, providing RS232 communication interface, which can be used for local and remote power management. And equipped with smart slots, users can load according to their needs to achieve remote management and monitoring

6. Intelligent management and advanced intelligent charging control mode are adopted to select the optimal charging mode according to the battery type, battery and service status. Ensure the battery life is extended. And charge and discharge the battery regularly