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What are the advantages of Shanpu UPS?

Ups news | 2021-03-18 20:26:25

It is understood that many enterprises use UPS power supply system equipment models. UPS system configured by each enterprise has its functions

It is similar to the principle in terms of the basic effect. The four basic functions of power supply are stable voltage: rectifier, energy storage, transformation and switch control

Factors to ensure the power system.

The voltage stabilizing function of UPS power supply system in Shanpu is usually completed by rectifier. The rectifier device adopts SCR or high frequency switching rectifier, which has the ability of

According to the change of external power, the output amplitude can be mastered, so that when the external power changes, the output amplitude base is constant rectifier voltage. The stability of frequency is accomplished by the converter, and the stability of frequency depends on the stability level of the converter oscillation frequency. Besides the direct energy storage effect, the energy storage battery is like connected with a large container capacitor for the rectifier. The equivalent capacitance is proportional to the capacity of the storage battery. On the selection of UPS power supply types, all stations have selected online type. The online Shanpu UPS power supply system has zero time switching for various power supply, and the length of power supply time is optional, and it has the characteristics of voltage stabilization, frequency stabilization and purification.

So in order to facilitate the daily operation and protection of UPS power system in Shanpu, the power system designed the system working switch and the active bypass after the main machine self check failure

Switch, maintenance bypass switch and other switch control. The purification function of power system is completed by energy storage battery, because rectifier interferes with instantaneous pulse

It can not be eliminated, and there is still interference pulse in the voltage after rectification. This is the characteristics of UPS power system development in the future: 400-808-1931