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corporate culture

Company positioning

Focus on power system protection

Improve the reliability of power supply system

Supply high quality and reliable power products

To provide customers with high quality and efficient power product services

quality policy

Reliable, stable, high quality and safe

Quality objectives

Customer satisfaction, social satisfaction

management idea

Scientific management, continuous innovation; quality service, customer-oriented.

Enterprise spirit

Innovation and efficient service

Development: development is the way to survive in the era of change and the core means for enterprises to survive and pursue. In the face of the numerous changes in the domestic and foreign markets, enterprises must keep pace with the times, have the courage to create and develop, and strive for development in the process of development, so as to realize the sustainable development of enterprises in the fierce market competition.

Innovation: the core of enterprise competitiveness is innovation ability, and innovation is the inexhaustible power of enterprise sustainable development. We need to create a new modern power supply enterprise with innovative spirit and pioneering spirit, that is, management innovation, service innovation and technological innovation.

High efficiency: high efficiency, high benefit. The speed of market reaction has become the basic factor to determine the survival and development of enterprises. Continuously enhancing the efficiency of the organization, carrying forward the spirit of seizing the day, and training the rapid and efficient market response ability are the important guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Service: service is the foundation for the establishment and development of an enterprise, and the needs of customers are our work. Efficient, high-quality, fast service is our commitment that should never change. Customer satisfaction is the most important standard to measure the work quality of each department and employee. It is an inevitable requirement for enterprises to think what customers think and provide high-quality service for customers. It is one of the most important contents of our business management to make every effort to innovate and tap the potential of service.

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